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Recording Moving Forward

Posted on July 15, 2013 with 0 comments
Just got files for two songs from Dan, and passed them along to Andrew. Can't wait to hear what he comes up with. Look for it on this here at when it's ready to go. In the meantime, Dan and I plan to record again later this week. Can't wait. Saturday's gig went well, was well received, and I had a great time. Will be returning to The Old Ivy Taproom/By the Bottle again this summer.

It's been a couple of months since I've played a gig. Tonight I'm back at the courtyard of the old Salmon Creek Brewery in Vancouver as part of Vancouver's Drink This "festival." I'm really looking forward to it.

Part of the reason I stopped pursuing gigs is because I'd like to work with a band, and expand my repertoire. Those who know me, know that I became a guitarist by default and the intention was never to play in public. Although I've accepted that playing is something I'll probably do as long as I perform, that doesn't mean I need to do it all the time on every song. In some ways it's freeing (I can play a gig alone), in other ways it's quite limiting.

All that said, I plan on blogging regularly about my adventures in exploring new directions for my music and performing.

Recently I've reconnected with my friend Dan Cole, a former Sony Music executive. He and I have been recording scratch tracks at his home studio. I've also been discussing forming some sort of quartet with the [...]
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